Fighting!Here is the very first episode of our very first podcast: Fighting! with Aaron and Bokeum.

Bokeum is a spunky gal from Korea and Aaron is her hapless American boyfriend. Together, they will guide you through the wacky world of Korean language and culture. In this episode, you will learn how to say yes, no, hello, and goodbye!

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Music for this episode is by Doomslang. Check out his stuff on Bandcamp!

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Lesson Notes:

Note: these lessons contains a lot of Korean text. If they display as squares or otherwise garbled, you may need to download the language pack for your device or operating system. Here is a link to the Windows Language Packs.

Bokeum was actually right when she said Wolmido was an island. At least, she used to be. A while back they did a reclamation project that connected the island to the land, so it’s not an island any more!

It might be helpful to review our guide to Hangul before diving in much deeper with Korean.

This lesson’s vocabulary words are:

Yes: 네
Pronounced “nay.”

No: 아니요
Pronounced “ah-nee-yo.”

Hello: 안녕하세요
Pronounced: “Ahn-nyang-ha-say-yo.”

Goodbye: 안녕히 가세요
Pronounced: “Ahn-nyang-hi-ga-say-yo.”
*Use this if the person you are speaking to will be leaving to go somewhere else.

Goodbye: 안녕히 계십시오
Pronounced: Ahn-nyang-hi-gay-say-yo.”
*Use this if the person you are speaking to will be staying where they are.

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One Response to Fighting! Episode 1: Yes, No, Hello, and Goodbye

  1. GRiTS says:

    Hello there 🙂 Just wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoyed and appreciated the podcast, as well as the Hangul lesson and tips. I have tried wrapping my brain around Hangul using other websites and even a few books, but your is the best! (My tutor was like wtf does Star Trek have to do with Korean?)
    Hope you guys add another podcast someday soon!
    Best wishes, cheers

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