It has been so long we didn’t post a blog. We’ve gotten through so many things. We are very sorry of forgetting our blog! 🙁 But today I would like to tell you guys some news just for in case if you don’t know our current situation. 🙂


First of all, we got married on 14th, Feb, 2015 in Korea and we had a reception in Columbia, South Carolina!

International couple wedding
– On our wedding day –

We wanted to post and hoped everyone attend, but we were very busy to prepare the ceremony in a month. We traveled so long as leaving Vietnam and just prepared our wedding so late. I’m sure not everyone can make it this fast!! >:-/ haha After our wedding, we went to the USA and met Aaron’s family and friends. For me, It was the first time to visit to America, and it was amazing!! I enjoyed so much and I was very happy to know all of them. We also had a reception in Columbia, SC. 🙂 Aaron’s mom, Ms.Vel and Sean’s fiance, Ashley helped us so much. We very appreciate all of your helps and all your attendances. Thank you so much for enjoying our party!


Second, we’re being ready to move to the USA for the next step!

 – In front of Aaron’s parent house –

We’d been thinking very hard, because we have total three options to settle down. (1. Vietnam 2. Korea 3. USA) Especially Aaron had a good opportunity in Korea, but cheap boss……hahahaha And I had a good opportunity in Vietnam as a manager of a restaurant, but a freaking tough job… haha Anyway we decided to move to America! YOO HOO!! I’m not sure this is a good decision..hahaha 😛 but there is something we want to experience and learn, so it’s also a good opportunity for us. I hope we can be ready asap especially with my immigrant visa. That’s very tiring,, I will post for more information of my visa, but we’re still very excited of our new adventure in the USA. 😀


Third, we’d traveled Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA, and we’re going to travel South Korea across the country! (with a tandem bike, a rail, a motorcycle! doesn’t it sound so fun??! We’re very excited.)

 – Satisfied Aaron with a beautiful transgender in Pattaya, Thailand-

One of our dreams is traveling all over the world. We’re not sure when we can realize, but we hope we travel consistently like we’ve been doing right now. We will upload our fun trip story of Thailand, Vietnam, USA and Korea. 😀 Sooo please be ready to enjoy!!

I’m very happy to talk to you guys again. We’re trying to blog everyday and communicate with you guys! Thanks for reading our great NEWS!! We hope you guys have more awesome and wonderful news in your lives!!!

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