Vietnamese Fried Beef Noodle : Mì Xào Bò

One of my favorite Vietnamese foods is mì xào bò, which means fried beef noodle (mì means noodle, xào means to fry, bò means beef). If you want to order it, it’s pronouned “Mee Ssao Boh.” When I first heard the name, I had no idea how much I was going to love it.  To me, it did not sound delicious, so I was a little afraid to try it. Also, at that time, I had only visited a few good Vietnamese restaurants outside of our neighborhood. I was very hesitant when Aaron recommended that we have this for dinner. He told me: “this is one of my favorite noodles here.”

But.. I don’t know. Sometimes I can’t trust his taste, because to him there is no unsavory dish!!



My first mì xào bò


Even this strange green plant is delicious to him, but I almost threw up when I first tasted it. (I’m sorry, Coriander: honestly you’re a little yuck..)


I still hate it. Seriously, I don’t know why, to me the taste is like soap. Interestingly mostly Japanese and Koreans hate this plant. I think most Western people enjoy this. Suddenly, I wonder: do they taste the same soap flavor I do? 

Aaron’s note: there is an inherited gene that makes some people taste coriander and cilantro as soap. I am guessing this must be a predominant gene for Japanese and Korean folks!


aaron with mixabo
Excited Aaron with mì xào bò

My first impression of mì xào bò was that it was not good for me. At Vietnamese local restaurants, they use very tiny little chairs and tables. Actually that chair is the same as the chair in Korean public bath. 😀 It’s very familiar to me.

Aaron’s note: they are basically little plastic children’s chairs and once you get used to them they are surprisingly comfortable… Though I could never imagine sitting down on one to scrub my junk in a public bath like Korean people do.

mì xào bò to go

The one reason I love mì xào bò so much is there is none of the coriander which I hate. There are only delicious vegetables – not like shampoo or soap flavor. Another reason is that it’s so fresh. If you visit Vietnam, you will definitely know that they serve extremely fresh food every time. They always use only fresh vegetables. Because of this, I can have delicious noodles with fresh vegetables and beef any time I want! The Vietnamese beef is also so fresh and soft. Although it looks a little chewy, seriously it’s very tender.


The other reason I love this dish is that (and I know it’s very basic for enjoying Vietnamese food, but…) I really love their soy and chilly sauces. They are such a perfect match with mì xào bò . I always put both of them together then, the taste is amazing….. So good!

There are so many kinds of fried noodles and combinations of ingredients.  For example, if they put chicken instead of beef, then it becomes mì xào gà (fried chicken noodle) and if they put seafood then it’s fried seafood noodle! Here’s mì xào tôm which is fried shrimp noodle. I had it in district 7 with Aaron. : ) So yummy!! I really love to put peppers in my dish with soy sauce, then it’s a little spicy but sooo delicious… Because Koreans love spicy food!!   If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, I recommend very strongly that you have this!! I’m sure you’re gonna fall in love with this like I did!!

This is mì xào tôm. (tôm is shrimp)

Price: 30,000 – 50,000 VND

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